【stranded deep】ver.0.01.H1日本語意訳:参考になればと思って作ってみた

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stranded deep update 日本語訳(多少意訳)


0.01.H1 変更記録
 ・鮫肉がFire Spitにくっつかないバグを修正。
・DeadEx Box




Bug Fixes
Rafts - Fixed the “Bermuda Triangle” bug. Rafts no longer disappear when travelling.
Rafts - Improved raft functionality with collisions and ladders.
Player - Fixed a bug where the player would be reloaded inside the terrain, shipwrecks, etc.
Player - Adjusted swimming speed.
Intro - Fixed “Bouncing Betty” bug, see: http://steamcommunity.com/app/313120/discussions/1/613948093882138495/
Cooking - Fixed campfires where multiple cookable items would interfere with each other’s cooking times.
Menus - Fixed mouse sensitivity not applying.
Menus - Added key binding functionality (Controllers are not officially supported, but it is possible).
Menus - Added in-game options functionality.
Saving/Terrain - Fixed a large bug; An edge case where if loading a saved game, and then resaving, previously saved biomes were being overwritten.
Terrain - Adjusted rock and stick spawning quantity.
Saving - Fixed a bug where stabbed items on the end of a Spear weren't being saved.
Saving - Fixed item display names not saving.
Sharks - Fixed disappearing great white sharks when killed.
Sharks - Shouldn’t appear on land anymore..
Sharks - Fixed shark meat not attaching to a Fire Spit.
Sharks - Spear now damages sharks.
Sharks - Various AI changes to increase the difficulty (a little).
Marlin - Fixed disappearing Marlins when killed.
Sleeping - Changed sleeping times. You can now sleep anytime from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am. The day count also increments properly now.
Flare Gun - Fixed using spam.
Harvesting Yuccas and Potatoes - Fixed incorrect scale of regrowing plants.
Drinkable Coconut - Fixed using animations and audio with various tools.
DeadEx Box - Can now be picked up.
Container and Doors - Fixed audio spam when entering loaded biomes.
Container and Doors - Fixed a large bug with loot spawning positions.
Various - Fixed various missing interactive object tags, descriptions, etc.
Various - Fixed the “Banana” yellow arm bug when looking at the watch and another lightsource was around.
Various - Fixed a hovering bug with one of the glass shaders.

New Content
Whales - New creature!
Divers Slate - New Easter Egg!
Boat Motor - Is now craftable and functional. Have fun with this one! ;



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