【神ゲー】Cities:Skylinesの有料DLC「After Dark」リリース、パッチ1.2.0ノート翻訳

2015/09/25 06:12 投稿

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有料DLC「After Dark」は1480円で、無料パッチではCitiesの世界に昼夜の概念が導入される他、DLC購入により様々なオブジェクトと機能が追加されます。



有料コンテンツ | After Dark拡張パック

  • 小道具と建物が追加
  • After darkメニュー音楽
  • イメージバリエーションのローディングをサポート
  • 新しいロード画面
  • 地区ツールバーは3タブに分割されました: ペイント、特殊な工業地区、専門商業地区
  • 経済パネルは専門分野の所得をツールチップで表示
  • 経済パネルにタクシー情報表示
  • アンロックパネルが新たな商業分野を表示
  • 犯罪情報ビューに刑務所が追加され、囚人と収容率を表示
  • 囚人追加
  • 商業の専門分野を追加: レジャーと旅行
  • レジャー&ビーチアセット追加
  • 新規建造物の特殊なアンロック要件
  • 新しい警官を追加
  • 新規Steam実績追加
  • 地区パネルは産業と商業の専門を両方表示するように
  • DLC所有者向けメニューロゴ
  • 刑務所の追加
  • パトカーが犯罪者を乗せるように
  • ポリスバンは犯罪者を刑務所に護送
  • タクシーは情報ビューに情報表示
  • 新項目の例として自転車の情報が情報パネルに収集される
  • 国際空港追加
  • 貨物バス追加
  • タクシーサービス追加
  • バスターミナル追加
  • 自転車と自転車専用道追加
  • Service buildings show notification when there is no road access
  • 朝/夜のオプション追加
  • Added icons to info panels of vehicles and citizens
  • Building and attached prop window/illumination/light depends on if building is active / has electricity
  • Night ambient sounds implemented
  • New music implemented for the night
  • Lights go off when a building is on fire
  • Pink Unicorn billboard added!
  • Budget window now has sliders for both day and night time
  • Day/Night transport lines
  • Shoreline now has land value and land value info view shows it even if it is not built yet
  • Content manager: ability to create custom district styles (custom building collections) from downloaded assets to be used on districts
  • District panel now has a drop down allowing to change its style set
  • Added day time control slider in Map and Asset editor
  • Added Day/Night indicator where the zoom/tiles mode button is
  • Visual night and day cycle added
  • ストリートの街灯
  • New textures for lighting windows added to existing buildings
  • Modding: Textfields support added to mod options
  • Fixed: Left and right mouse button references in all languages
  • Fixed: PDX Accounts creation lacks countries
  • Fixed: Logged out of paradox account on every return to main menu
  • Fixed: Markers are invisible to the players when placed on an asset in Asset Editor
  • Fixed: Short description text goes out of bounds in Load Asset window if text is too long
  • Fixed: Exploit: It is possible to keep the crime at 0% using only 2 Fire Stations and no Police Stations
  • Fixed: Using Ctrl+backspace to erase your search word in the Content Manager does not bring back the whole list
  • Fixed: Content Manager: Using Ctrl+v in the searchbox does not update the results.
  • Fixed: High density commercial building H2 3x4 Shop04a has its store sign intersecting with the building model
  • Fixed: The industrial H3 1x1 Facility05 building has a flickering metal cargo box.
  • Fixed: Options: The X button applies the new settings on the New Screen Resolution prompt.
  • Fixed: UI : Road upgrades: The road upgrade tooltip does not display long enough.
  • Fixed: Citizens can often be seen going down the metro station's stair case through the handrail.
  • Fixed: Clouds still move in the sky while the simulation is paused.
  • Fixed: Low Health prompt triggered even if you have 0 citizens (only happened when using mods)
  • Fixed: RUS/GER: In the Content Manager, the text of the "Publish" button is a little cut off
  • Fixed: "Reset key mapping" does not follow the capitalization norm of the rest of the buttons
  • Fixed: Advisor start text does not change language when changing language in-game
  • Fixed: Visitors will not leave a building when it is turned off.
  • Fixed: Medium roads can be upgraded to Highways with functional Service buildings connected to them. (Warning added to service
  • buildings not connected to a road.)
  • Fixed: European Theme: The Theatre and the Hypermarket European Unique Buildings are too hard to unlock.
  • Fixed: Sliders in the Options Menu should have indications of their value.
  • Fixed: Content Manager: The Categories title is misplaced.
  • Fixed: Citizens vanish when entered in the Japanese Garden.
  • Fixed: Clicking on the Auto-save option toggles the Auto-open Chirper messages option.
  • Fixed: The Sea-and-Sky Scraper Unique Building has the already built icon displayed at all times.
  • Fixed: Spelling mistake in the information box of the Fire Station building.
  • Fixed: The tooltip for burned down buildings has a low resolution pie chart displaying 0 jobs
  • Fixed: Bulldozing Medical Clinic with patients in it makes them either die or get instahealthy
  • Fixed: Game Crashes on Exit
  • Fixed: Buildings should now spawn with all or their color variations
  • Fixed: Asset editor: Train templates are not working
  • Fixed: Asset editor: Using infoshot and thumbshot tools affect sky rendering
  • Fixed: Asset editor: Custom asset that are set not available in asset editor are available
  • Fixed: Asset editor: Baked LOD textures sometimes don't show correctly for very simple and small assets
  • Fixed: Credits won't start from the beginning when viewed more than once.
  • Fixed: Game flickers when autosaving on all resolutions in Fullscreen, except on 1920x1080
  • Fixed: Sometimes, at the very end of a loading tip, the text of the loading tip will appear corrupted for a split second.
  • Fixed: When switching resolution and applying it from windowed to fullscreen, the aspect ratio is not properly set
  • Fixed: Tiles that don't have buildings (fields, etc.) still have a building construction animation as they build up.
  • Fixed: The "Recreational Use" policy is inconsistent with its description.
  • Fixed: Using the Bulldozer shortkey while in free camera mode prevents the user to deactivate the bulldozer normally.
  • Fixed: When enabling free camera, the camera button disappears but is still clickable
  • Fixed: Asset Editor: All the European designated Wall Ads have incorrect icons.
  • Fixed: Asset Editor: Incorrect icon for the Small Fountain is displayed.
  • Fixed: Options: Keymapping : It is impossible to keymap the middle mouse button.
  • Fixed: The "Average Zoned Buildings Level" text in a district's Info Panel is overlapping with the Level icon.
  • Fixed: Paradox Account: The user is unable to log out of their Paradox account after creating or loading a game in the same game
  • session.
  • Fixed: Map Editor: Possible to use terrain brush through parts of the brush option window
  • Fixed: Options: Clicking on the Auto-save option toggles the Auto-open Chirper messages option.
  • Fixed: People working in a Service Vehicle change name every time they get out.
  • Fixed: Content Manager: Disabling Maps, Savegames, or Assets does not prevent the user to access empty menus.
  • Fixed: Starting a New Game while all Maps are disabled causes a corrupted game.
  • Fixed: Map Editor: The user is able to set a brush strength with a value exceeding 1.
  • Added error message: Saving a save file when the Local Disk is full causes multiple issues.