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またまた記事とは関係ない話なのですが、最近cancelKorea に関してYouTubeのコメント欄で韓国の方と戦っています。フィリピンの方もいて、殆どが日本側の意見に賛成してくれています。韓国の方は反論できないと逃げますが、他のコメントスレッドでまた同様の攻撃をしていたりします。英語で議論しているのですが、以下韓国の反論、ドイツは謝るのに日本は謝らない、に対して私が書いた英語の反論をのせておきます。



You didn’t answer my question so I need explain instead of you.

There are several kind of apologize between nations.
A)apology for the genocide
B)apology for the colonial /annexation
C)apology based on the Humanitarian

The word reparations has several meaning.
D) Postwar reparations paid by the defeated nation to the victorious nation
E) reparations based on Humanitarian
F) reparations for the colonial/annexation
G) Compensation for unpaid salaries, etc.

Germany apologized for the holocaust based on genocide (A) but did not apologized for colonial (B)

Following is august 12Th 2020 news about German and Namibia.

German agreed to pay Money to Namibia for the genocide but refused to use the word “reparations” and want to use “development aid”.

German does not have any plan to apologize for the colonial and only have plan to apologize for the genocide tens thousands people.

When Japan-Korea agreement was settled in 1965, Korea requested to use the terminology “reparations”, but Japan refused to use it, instead used “Economic cooperation fund” 経済協力金 and Finally Korea agreed just 1 day before the agreement settled and released.

At this discussion Korean never demanded to raise money associated to “Genocide”. I know some history, dozen of Korean killed at Church by Japanese police on 1919.3.1 but Korean did not mention about it at the meeting.

So money(goods and labor costs), comparable to the national budget of South Korea at that time, paid to Korean as “Economic cooperation fund” in the agreement text, but realty it was “reparations” for the unpaid salaries etc.(G) including compensation for forced workers and conscription .

Comparing between German-Namibia and Japan-Korea, First German did genocide but Japan did not do it for Koreans. Japan has never had a war with Korea.
Both nation do not want to pay reparations for the colonial/annexation (F) because almost no nation did it in the past. Colonies were not illegal under international law at the time Colonial become illegal by UN in 1960.
So For the colonial/annexation before 1960, no need to pay reparations (F) no need to apology(B) because it is legal, except by some humanitarian point of view.

German has not apologized for the colonial and no plan for it at this point.
German has not apologized to Namibia for genocide yet but has plan to do it near future.

Japan apologized as humanity to Korea 23 times for last 55 years. See follows.

It means that Japan is dealing much better than German which had 17 colony.

Many Koreans point out that the German apologized and Japan did not. But Koreans have a big misunderstanding about what they apologize for.