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On June 24, 2002,
this movement started with the following message in the "2 channel", which is the largest Japanese webboard.

1 Name: Anonymous Date:06/24/2002 Mon 19:58

A horrible nightmare is coming!!!
The World Cup semi-final game, Germany vs. South Korea,
Public Viewing in will be held at the National Stadium, Japan.
The media will report to the world the images
that "Japanese supporters in Korean uniforms are enthusiastically cheering South Korea."
We are different from South Korea,
and have expressed our objection to the unfair judgments found in the games of South Korea so far.
The foreign media, however, will have difficulty to distinguish among
Japanese, Koreans and Chinese, and might have impressions that
"Japan and Korea take advantage of the privileges of hosting countries", which are not true absolutely.
We cannot accept such dirty and wrong images
under the pride of the team Japan and Japanese supporters who fought enthusiastically with fair spirits.
The movement to prevent them now has began.
The participants will show the T-shirts, the head bands and the banners showing
"No more unfair judges!" "Japan demands fair judges!" at the National Stadium.
This movement is rapidly spreading.
We do not need any organizers for this movement.
We do it at the same time and the same place at the National Stadium.
Talk about this to your friends, colleagues and others. Come on and join us.

When I was wondering whether I should participate in it,
one of my friends, who was really angry about the judgments in the game of Italy and South Korea, persuaded me.
Just complaints do not help. Show our spirits by action.

For Portugal which became the first victim.

For Italy which did the return which it regretted at the game which could be said as the violence as well.

[Itary vs SouthKorea]too famous Flash in Japan.you should look this.

For anger of Spain which has two perfect points taken back by a foul like accusations.

Don't make more than this and the same nightmare repeat. I thought so that it was severe.


I wrote "Fair Judgment, Please. From Japan" on my white T-shirt and went to the National Stadium with the shirt.
Many "2 channelers" were already there, and they were drinking to enhance their morales. More people were joining us.

I realized that the "Net" is something great. The "Justice" might be found only on the "Net."

Arrived at the National Stadium.
We could not bring beers and drinks into the Stadium.
The friend and I drank two bottles for each, with expressing our anger against South Korea.
We already heard the strong voices of "South Korea!" from the Stadium. We were ready to fight.
We found surprisingly many supporters on the German side.
Of course, the fan of the pure German team which cannot go to South Korea was also there.

The further side is Korean side. This is the place where the Japanese media manipulates the images.

We received the lyrics of the German National Anthem, but we could not read and hear them because of rain.
As usual, Koreans were booing during the play of the German National Anthem and introduction of German players.
Since our purpose is fairness, we should admire Korean fine plays and should not insult Koreans.
However, we must spend some efforts to do so.

Hey, man! The Japanese media are looking at only Korean side.
Terrible enough!(Click it)

The game has begun.
The rain never stopped, but everyone was so excited.
We applauded not only for German plays, but also for Korean plays.
The cheer leader flipped a big German flag in the front, and called the name of the player keeping the ball.
We were so excited when Oliver Kahn saved the goal.
"Oliver Kahn! Oliver Kahn!"
Of course, the German players did not look at us. They did not care, but we kept cheering them up.
We hoped that the people in Seoul shared our feelings.
A boy behind us shouted, "Defeat the booings! We are here! We are here!"

Hey, the Japanese journalists! What do you think in the from of Korean side.
You must have been some kind of idealists before entering journalism.

Today, it is obvious for non-experts that the judges are fair. They take fouls of both sides.
The first half was over at 0-0.
In the half, the media never came to this side. The must have definitive intent.
During the half time, I think that I will photo the mass communications seen from the seat of South Korea.
I hid my T-shirt with a jacket, and went to Korean side.

Everything was red, and it looked a different country. I heard an unbelievable conversation.
A Japanese supporter of South Korea said, "It is more fun to cheer South Korea."
Is that only reason to sit there!
I want to have come to shake his shoulder, saying, "Wake up!"

This is the image of the Japanese journalists from the viewpoint of Korean side.

You are the worst part of xxxx!They never move from there even in the second half.
I distributed copies of the claims above in English to the foreign journalists.

Eventually, the time has come!
30 minutes in the second half, Ballack released a shoot with a not so favorable ball from the right hand side.
Once prevented by Korean goal keeper, he put the bounced ball to the goal.
Germany got a first goal! At the moment, all German supporters were screaming.
A firework from the field. Everyone held a neighbor.
It was the best firework in my life. It was raining and cold, but our hearts were hot.

At the end of the game, All German supporters were happily screaming.
They expressed their happiness with using their entire bodies.
"It's nice to be here!" or "It's the best moment in my life."
Everybody certainly shared the sense of unity.

Even after the game, this is the all of Japanese journalists we had. They must be kidding!
After the game, we tries to do Ale exchange. German side said "South Korea!" Koreans did not respond.
Only very little people flipped their hands or flags, but almost all Korean supporters ignored our call. That showed their spirits.
We tried it again, and they ignored it again.

At outside the Stadium, we found (probably) a German journalist.
The friend and I ran to him, and tried to explain our purpose in our poor English.
Please, please report our voices to the world.

Mass communications which cover only at the South Korean supporter. It is helping that Japan feels depressed.

At my home, I saw the video-recorded game.
Samma, a famous Japanese comedian, expressed silently his anger with wearing a German uniform.

I was about to drop tears when he said "The glory of the World Cup is just defended."

I am wondering whether our screamings reached to the world.

The list of articles about us

Some participants from Yahoo's board! Good!

"Tokyo Sports" in the next day!
A good job!


TV column

Closing Words

This public viewing seems to have political tastes.
The Liberal Democratic Party, and Komei Party believed favorable comments for South Korea found in Japanese news papers,
and they tried to flatter Japanese people which was reported as enthusiastic Korean supporters.
The plan was firewoking for only Korean point gets, not for German point gets.
It is a terrible idea for sound Japanese people.
Rep. Inoki, an ex professional wrestler, was planned to show his famous "one, two, three, dahhhh!" for South Korea.
Volunteers call the executive committee of the public viewing.
They claimed that cheering only South Korea was not fair and that fireworks should be for both sides.
They also sent email to the committee.
The progress was reported on the webboard "2 channel," and the reports attracted more participants.
Then, the executive committee decided to do fireworks for both countries, and Rep. Inoki's performance was canceled.
On the other hand, they sent email to foreign media to inform them that we were different from South Korea,
and sent email to the German Embassy to cheer Germany.

I say clearly. This is not "misjudgment".It was "buying over."
"misjudgment" happened only within the time when South Korea at a disadvantage,
Furthermore, it judges that it becomes advantageous to South Korea each time.

It is a problem that happened 3games continuously.
It is not 2 times, and if it continues 3 times, it is not accidental and is necessary.
I will think that there was buying over, even if it sees from whom of the world.
We are angry about the mass communications closed their ear from the voicies in the world
and the they were going to control the Japanese people.

The current journalism in Japan is close to "mind control" rather than "a deviation report."
The intentional candid disregard to people who can show a red army corps as
"Let's aid cosponsorship country South Korea"
It yields to illegal pressure.
like every day, and advocate an objection, exclusion, an attack. It was fearful.
It is during wartime completely.
They have neither the qualification for already carrying out information dispatch,
nor the qualification for investigating governmental injustice.
Television is free BGM for me now. It is impossible to trust all the words of television now.
The most difficult work will regain our trust, though a program wonderful future however is made.
In the present when a network is spreading explosively,
if public opinion operation is impossible, mass communications should notice.
(see ("Japanese supporters doubt Japanese media.)

Reader's voices
Hello.I am a man in 50's.
While I am alive unlike you, a game is watched with deep emotion with Asia WC seen at the end.
I thought that there are various doubtful signs about this WC.
Even if, as for me, which country wins the victory, it is good. If it is by Ability.
Having noticed first was from that report which is rising together.
It is a lie absolutely.
This generation who is pleased with cosponsorship around me does not have one person, either.
If it goes in saying too far, it is good anyhow in ball play etc.
The problems are the mass communications which were going to brainwash us with the perverted information.
The right information was not told,
the result of information effluence of its loveliness of your health caused what miserable war,
or our generation knows.
If Asahi newspaper of those days is read, a common feature with this report will be able to be found out easily.

But I am very glad now very much.
When I seen the son who is 20 years old,
I was worried about the ability of the future to be left and set to such uncertain youngman.
But it seemed to be worried too much.
The many volunteer of the young people in case of the big Hanshin(West of Japan) Earthquake at 1995.
No less than 1,000 young people acted as "the right judgment" by the German game this time.
Even if I left Japan to them, it was sure that it is OK.

Although I think that I will not be for 20 more years, dying words are expressed at the end and I solve.
Don't believe mass communications of Japan.
Probably, there were talented people with spirit, if it was a front for about 20 years.
Since the generation who actually experienced war was writing the report.
But it is the den of the "would-be elite" who considers only self-preservation now.
If some amusing things to which cannot be convinced occur from now on,
will not become emotional, but I think if it can appeal rationally.

Please listen to a word.
There is nothing that is easy to oppress more emotional rebounding from a man of power.

To you who opened this site with courage, and 1,000 young people gathering in public viewing.
Thank you very much.
I wanted to participate together, when I could do.

It is impressed recently.
It is certain between the mass media and the general public, and the gap of consciousness exists.
What the mass media reported was truth until the 80's.
What was reported even if that was an error was truth.
The condition that the one who did so have all the information lasts long too much,
Won't the mass media notice that one are naked kings?
Of course it is the Internet to fill up the gap of the amount of information
of the general public and the mass media.
As that fact being not recognized,
the mass media seems still to keep thinking that one can control information.
That figure seems to be the East European state sovereigns
where it was pushed down by the people
who knew the actual condition of the liberalism economy
by the electric wave of the received television beyond the border.
Most of the general public had a source of information equal to the existent mass media.
It is probably decided that society will know which media was a traitor to country after several years.

              Friday June 21, 12:29 PM
        England fans thank Japan for their hospitality
            - Soccer - FIFA World Cup 2002
            - England v Brazil - Quarter Final

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