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DSTRA: One of the most promising airdropped coins you must get your hands on!


I will be honest. I love airdrops! It's how I have made most of my hard earned BTC and I still hold a part of these airdropped coins for future use or whatever. But what I do hate is searching for those 2-3 airdrops that are actually worth spending your time.

Most are just scams aimed to get the money of early investors or junk run by lazy people that give up after the first month.
However, this is not the case with DSTRA. It's here for one year now (maybe more?) and has a really nice and hard working team and a small but ever growing community. Actually, I like this coin so much that I have even spend a small amount of BTC to buy myself some coins!
So, if you have nothing better to do and have some time to kill for bounties or just for chit-chatting at their discord then make sure to check this cool air drop !
Here's a quick recap of the features of DSTRA:

小循環(最大3000万コイン) マスターノード(マスターノードを設定するための30kコイン) さまざまな賞金に参加しているメンバーに放映 そしてもっと知りたいのなら、ここにいくつかのリンクがあります。不和を乗り越えるようにしてください、彼らは役に立つのぞき見であり、彼らはあなたが持つかもしれない質問を解決したいと思います。

Small circulation (max 30 million coins)
Master nodes (30k coins to set up a masternode)
Airdropped to members participating in the various bounties
And here are some links if you want to learn more. Make sure to come over the discord, they are helpful peeps and they would love to solve any questions you might have:

  • The coin is currently listed in two exchanges(仮想通貨取引所):