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【MMD】つみ式紲星あかり(水着v2.0)「Let’s Get It!(EDM Rem」

2020/05/23 02:45 投稿

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(la la love…)

Thinking for it makes me to out,
Sing a song,
I've been longing for long while,
It's my wedding day!

Why are you so stain?
Looks like a stone face,
Now, maybe I feel something like you, It's better takin heavey breath,
Be ready ,Keep on smiling, Now, It's a time!
So we got married!

Welcome to our special party,
Come on and join us together !
5, 4, 3, 2, wonderful day's startin now...
(Are you ready?,Ring a bell, Sing a song)

Let's get it,
Welcome to my princessful day! Every girl has been dreaming,
We'll be happy ,Surely !!